Monday, November 7, 2011

Looking Ahead! - Activities Coming Up!

Hey friends and sisters,

I just wanted to do a quick overview of some upcoming events both in and outside of church that we would love to see you at!

November 7th - Peregrine Blood Drive Assignment - need 7 volunteers to help make phone call reminders to those with blood donation appointments - only 4 minutes worth of calls per person! :) Contact Ja'Nette Spencer at to volunteer today, please!

November 13th - Primary Program - be sure to invite friends and family to this wonderful presentation!

November 14th - Young at Heart Luncheon - every 2nd Monday of the month at 11:30 am at the Ten Mile building, those 55 years or better are invited to this social event to eat, visit, and enjoy some light entertainment!

November 14th - Young Single Adult Thanksgiving Dinner - Saturday at 1:00 pm at the Stake Center (Black Cat Building).  Please bring your favorite pie or other dessert to share, everything else will be provided.

November 14th - 15th - Meridian Community Blood Drive, sponsored by the stake - please visit to make an appointment today!

November 15th - Monthly Activity for Relief Society - Terrific Tuesday craft night! - @ 6:00 pm - light dinner and nursery provided.  Money and orders were due yesterday - please contact Jennifer Alvey for questions about money or orders today.  Many free projects and a quilt project available for those who did not place orders.  Please join us no matter what for this night of crafts and sisterhood!

November 18th - 19th - Stake Musical - choir of 150 singers, ages 12 and up!  More information to come!

November 30th - Visiting Teaching Reports Due to your supervisor!

December 1st - Monthly Girls Night Out - Stay tuned for more information!

December 4th - Annual First Presidency Message - broadcast at the stake center - time to be announced later... stay tuned!

December 10th - Ward Christmas Party - your nativity sets will be needed and any artificial trees you may have to donate for the night only!  Dutch oven turkey dinner with the works, primary room with activities for the little ones, and even a visit from Jolly Old Saint Nick!  Be sure to look out for an email from me soon regarding other items needed to make this party really special!

Please remember, there is a new monthly Relief Society newsletter emailed to you the first week of each month (mailed for November on the 6th) - please print and review for the latest news in Peregrine ward!  We also have announcements in the Attendance Binder passed around to each auxiliary every Sunday.  There is also a wonderful re-vamped bulletin board across from Bishop Sonderegger's office in the church building with the latest news and postings for each auxiliary as well.  Keep up to date so you can join in on all the awesome opportunities for friendship and service!!

Contact me with questions!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Girl's Night Out for November!

The holidays are approaching - Christmas lists are being formed - and the overwhelming feeling that we better get a-craftin' has taken over!

Join us this November 3rd at 7 pm for a new GNO on a new day of the week! This month's GNO is moving to THURSDAY, and we hope to see you there!

Lovely Sarah Jensen 4386 W. Newland St. will be hosting again - and she has compiled a list of 3 awesome items to create on this wonderful night, if you so wish.  If you don't wish to craft, stop by anytime and just visit with us then!!!!  We'd love to see you there!

CRAFT #1 - Tile Necklace Pendant 

"Keep Calm and Carry On" (This phrase was put on posters by the British Government in 1939 during the beginning of WWII, intended to boost the morale of the people.)  Cost $ 4.00  (does not include chain, just the pendant) If interested you can choose color.

CRAFT #2 - Gourmet Caramel Chocolate Apples

$2.50 each. (will be wrapped nicely, so may be given as gift) - Think: caramel apples on a stick with a gourmet twist by adding a chocolate layer, sprinkles, etc.  A little cellophane, a dash of ribbon - wah-lah!  Gorgeous.  Easy.  Inexpensive.

CRAFT #3 - Cupcake/Treat Serving Stand

$4.00 for  two tiered, $2.00 for single tier (Sarah will be buying plates from thrift stores, so the colors will be whatever she finds.... but do rest assured, she has impeccable taste :)  These are lovely ways to display cookies, cupcakes, treats, veggies, etc during those holiday parties fast approaching.

Please email me (Ja'Nette)  @ with your list of items and quantities desired. If ordering tile pendant, don't forget to select a color.

Payment for these items can be brought to GNO and given to Sarah directly.

We look forward to this fun night of chatting, crafting, and snacking :) Don't forget to bring a snack to share if you can!

Friends, family, neighbors always welcome!!!!!  The more, the merrier!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Play Date - Just Kid'n Around!

This Wednesday we're having a fun, fun, fun play date!  Come join us at Just Kid'n Around in Meridian at 1:00 pm - 3 pm (or leave when you wish)!

2374 E. Cinema Dr.
Meridian, Idaho, 83642
Call Us: 208-888-7853

Just Kid'n Around is Idaho's coolest new indoor creative play and party place for children 0-12 years old.  Parents can get away and relax in our comfortable living room seating areas and enjoy the view of their children having a creative learning day out! 

$5.75 ages 1 and under 3
$6.75 ages 3 and over
Parents and under 12 months are always FREE!!

We hope you are able to splurge for this play date - it's sure to be tons of fun for both the kiddo's and the mamas!

Visit the link above for a photo gallery to see what the place looks like!!!

Can't wait to see you there!!

TUESDAY'S Relief Society Activity

The Relief Society is "sew" excited to offer our service to give a gift to a child in need!

Join us Tuesday (Oct 18th) at 6:30 pm at the church for this month's activity.

We will be sewing tote bags for the children's hospital  to hold crayons and coloring books for the little kiddos who find themselves in need of a smile or two.

We will also have some quick and easy Halloween costume ideas to share!

If you don't know how to sew- this is definitely the activity to come to - we will be teaching you!!!!!  See you there and bring a friend too!

Refreshments and nursery will be provided - so all the more reason to come, ladies!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

October Ladies Night - FHE Frenzie!

I can't believe it's been over a MONTH since I've posted here - and what a crazy month it's been, truly!

I am back and excited to announce our October Ladies Night is scheduled for Tuesday, the 4th, so mark your calendars, girls! :)  Find a sitter, warn the husbands, and see you then!

This Ladies Night is going to start with a focus on FHE Frenzie!  Hosted by sweet Sarah Jensen again at   4386 W. Newland St. beginning at 7 pm.

Sarah and I will be sharing our favorite lessons, tips, treats, and activities for Family Home Evenings, and welcome you each to bring an idea, experience, activity, etc to do the same.  We will even have a fun handout for you to take home with the ideas Sarah and I have compiled to keep your inspiration going even after you leave Sarah's in the wee hours of the morning! :)  (Just kidding - you can come and go whenever you please).

I have had such a wonderful time getting to know each of you and the laughs and moments of sisterhood I will never forget.  I truly have grown to love each lady who attends these nights out.  I encourage you all to come and experience the awesome friendships that await you!

If you have questions, please email me at  See you soon!  Have a great conference weekend!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just a thought....

This could be a quote that defines much of how I viewed myself in the past, and therefore, directed (or misdirected) my interactions with others.

How many moments did I miss because of it?  

How many new friends did I not find when thinking it?
How much time wasted believing it?

I hope that each of us gets to know one another through the interactions posted on this blog and other activities as well.  Our El Tenampa GNO was awesome - we ate, we talked, we cried a little, we shared stories & testimony, we laughed.  I could not think of a better way to spend that night than surrounded by the beautiful, spiritual, engaging ladies I had a chance to visit with that Tuesday evening.

When I moved to this area, I was nervous about making friends. There was always this little "voice" that said I didn't have anything to give - nothing worth saying (although I usually say it anyway ;) - and that I should just sit back and wait for the "right time" to put myself out there.  

In the end, it felt lonely.  I figured - what exactly is stopping me from reaching out, saying hello, making a few new friends? I found my answer to that inner question ran along these lines: sometimes we forget that we could be a great blessing in someone else's life and never even know it.  If we don't put ourselves in a position to let others in, then we may always leave ourselves in a position to feel alone and misunderstood.  We may leave others feeling the same way, too.

I am a better daughter of God, wife, mother, friend, Latter-Day Saint, and person in general when I find the time to enjoy the sisterhood in my ward.  When I stop thinking, "They won't want me to come," and say, "I can't wait to laugh and smile and be uplifted by joining them!"  Whether you are in need of friendship (because who isn't, right?!) or you have so much wonderful friendship to give - you are welcome at every activity we post.  

Please come.  We want to see your pretty faces and to know that you are loved ~ and the love you have to give is ready to be received by others, whether they know they need it yet or not.

I know our lives are busy and demanding.  Our schedules are hectic, our families need us.  But when you feel that one spot open up in your calendar, and you ask yourself, "Should I go?"  Let the answer be "Yes!"  You will not regret it.  You have so much to add to the group!  Never forget it.

Girl's Night Out for September!

Ok, girls - this is what you've been waiting all month for since our August GNO at El Tenampa!!!!!

We've been following this pattern that every  first Tuesday of each month is our GNO date!  We may shift the day here and there, but for now, mark your calendars tentatively throughout the rest of the year, please.  We have some great stuff planned as the holidays approach to help you with your Christmas lists too!

On Tuesday, September 6th, our wonderful friend, Sarah Jensen, will be hosting our first GNO Ladie's Game Night!  Arrive at Sarah's around 7 pm or as soon as you can make it!  Game night will last until we tire of talking (yeah, that won't happen soon for me!) or our husband's text us that the kids have tied them up in the basement and are wreaking havoc on our once-clean houses!  Or, Sarah wants to go to bed :)

Don't forget to bring a snack to share - nothing to stress over, a bag of Oreo's is fine, some leftovers, a bag of popcorn, trail mix, carrot sticks, whatever you've got!  No biggie!  But don't let a snack stop you from coming!  We want to see your pretty faces no matter when you can show up!

Please bring any awesome games you have and would like to play :)  Warning:  Games usually go by the wayside, in my experience, rather quickly.  Sometimes visiting with our friends is too much fun!

Sarah's address is:  4386 W. Newland St.  

Can't wait to see you all there!!!

End of Summer Play Date - CHANGED

IVYWILD Pool Playdate has been changed to Meridian Pool Playdate - TODAY! :)

Oh, the days of summer are coming to an end.  School is beginning... bittersweet as it is, we must embrace one last hoo-rah! and take the "Littles" (as Jen Alvey calls them) :) to the pool before the school bells start to ring.

City of Meridian Pool, is a fun and interactive place for kids to splash around and have fun in the sun.

We are meeting at the Meridian pool (today) Friday, August 26th, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. 

The pool is located next to Storey Park - 213 E. Franklin Road.

The prices are as follows:

3 and under $1
Over 17 - $2

Hope to see you there! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Play Date - Nature Walk!

Ok, ladies.. it's Play Date time!!  Thanks to a tip from Jen Alvey, we are planning a Nature Walk on Wednesday, August 17th at 10:30 am.  Picnic lunch in the park to follow, so pack those sacks and coolers and come join us with the kiddies!

The Morrison Knudsen Nature Center offers a unique wildlife experience on a 4.6-acre site along the Boise River Greenbelt. The StreamWalk and Visitor Center provide a glimpse of Idaho's many landscapes and abundant wildlife. Underwater viewing windows along the stream walk give visitors a fish-eye view of the world.

The best part - it's all FREEEEEE!  If you can join us around 11:45 or noon for lunch, then please do!  Bring your cooler, chairs, a blanket and don't forget the sunscreen!  This will be an indoor/outdoor awesome nature adventure!

600 South Walnut, Boise, Idaho 83712

  1. Take the US-20/US-26 - Broadway Avenue exit, exit number 54.
  2. Turn NORTH onto US-20 WEST/US-26 WEST - Broadway Avenue
  3. Turn EAST (right) onto Park Boulevard and navigate to the second lane from the left.
  4. At the light, cross the 4-way intersection to Walnut Street.
  5. Turn SOUTH (right) on Walnut Street and look for MK Nature Center signs, park in the lot on your left. The Nature Center is EAST, across the parking lot.
  6. Still confused? Try GoogleMap directions

Biggest Loser Update

You all have until the end of today to let me know if you'd like to join (5) ladies so far that are participating in the Friendshipology Blog's Biggest Loser Contest.

To join, call or email me and let me know your starting weight - don't forget, this is on the Honor System, ladies :) Then, try to get me your $25 registration fee in as soon as possible.  I will be out of town from Thursday on, but you can always get it to my hubby, Ryan, as well.

Here's the link to the original rules:

Don't forget to eat small, healthy meals throughout the day - don't skip meals or starve yourself - that will be counter-productive as your body will retain more fat in starvation mode.  Drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water - I set my goal to 5 large plastic cups of water a day, adding 3 cups for every 1 hour of exercise I do.  I shoot for 5 days of exercise a day... at least 3 days of vigorous exercise.  The benefits of walking for 30 min. a day are tremendous, so if you don't like high-impact stuff, get together with another lady and walk, walk, walk!  (It always helps to have a partner).

The idea is for us to get healthy, not just lose weight... weight is calculated for % of total body weight lost.. not by pounds lost alone. :)

Lots of  luck and love!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

50 Cent Movie Tomorrow - Mr. Popper's Penguins

Sarah Jensen gave me the heads up that Mr. Popper's Penguins is playing tomorrow at the Nampa Reel Theater for a 50 cent showing at 10 am!!!  Wahooo!  Can we say Play Date at the movies!?!

Nampa Reel Theatre
2104 Caldwell Blvd., Nampa ID

Prices: 50 cents!!! Yahoo!

Here's the link, hope to see you there!

Updates and Reminders!

Don't forget the next big play date is this Thursday at the Boise Zoo!!  Click the link below for more information from the original post:

Biggest Loser contest is almost underway!  Hurry and join and get motivated to get in shape!  I'll be posting my own progress on the blog, along with recipes and work out dates!  This is a great way to shed those extra pounds that you've been wanting to!  And let's face it - things are easier with support from friends!  Click, the link below for more information, the due dates if you're playing "For Fortune" and the rules to keep us all in line! :)

Our next GNO is at El Tenampa.. come for dinner or just free chips and salsa and lots of chatting!  Line up those babysitters, ladies!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Christy Davis Photography - Talent at it's BEST

Hello ladies - I'd like to introduce my friend, Christy, from Meridian ~ some of you may very well know her, some of you may not.  And if you don't, well, quite frankly, you should.

Christy is an amazing photographer... just look at some of her pictures!

Here's the low-down on how to get connected with Christy and snap some amazing photos and capture precious moments before time takes them away!

Photography sessions are $100. You get 20 edited photos, with three variations. You get color, black & white and sepia tone, so 20 photos turn into 60

The best part is: all photos are put on a CD and you're given a print release which gives you freedom to do anything you want! If you decide you want to take home all the unedited photos, it's simply an extra $25.

This includes baby photos, family photos, senior photos, anything you want with the exception of weddings.

Christy willing to offer $50 Mini-sessions which include 10 edited photos if she gets 5 or more people are interested in booking out one of her Saturdays!!!!!  

I'd be willing to be first on the list... so one down, four more to go!  Email me ( and let's get a group together, ladies!

To see more of Christy's work or to get in touch with her to book a session - visit or you can email her at  And then, there's the good old fashioned phone call - Christy 208-922-8070.  

Don't procrastinate (Procrastination is my middle name) because Christy is expecting her first baby this winter and will be snuggling her little sweetie instead of a camera faster than you can say "cheeeeese!"    

RS Night - Getting To Know You Activity

Looks like the Peregrine Ward Relief Society has planned a special "Getting to Know You" night at Lorraine Ball's home!

I don't know about you, but I sure want to make more friends, and share some fun and laughter.  With so many ladies in callings that take them out of Relief Society on Sundays, this will be a great opportunity for us to all connect on a Tuesday night!

I hope to see you at Lorraine's on Tuesday, July 19th at 6:30 pm.  Looks like we are supposed to bring a lawn chair or a blanket, and a light meal in a lunch sack.  Apparently, we are NOT eating the meal ourselves, so I wonder what's in store??

4047 St. James Loop - see you there!

Saturday at the Saxton's

This is the Peregrine Ward Summer Party, hosted by the Saxtons, which I hear is a blast!  Since we are new to the ward, the Spencers have yet to experience its awesomeness ourselves, and are excited to remedy that this SATURDAY, July 16th at 5 pm.  Will you be there?

Looks like the Saxtons are providing good food and games of the water and non-water varieties!  Something fun for everyone!  And who doesn't love lounging around and talking with friends!?  I know I look forward to the good company, so I hope to see you there!

Our assignments for the party are as follows:  Last names A-M please bring sides or salads, and N-Z last names, please bring desserts.

Straight from the ward bulletin:  BE THERE OR BE HUNGRY AND BORED! lol

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Work Outs, Anyone?

Got an Idaho Athletic Club membership?  Join Lori Roberts and I on weekday mornings (around 10 am) at the main club on Fairview!  This Thursday, we'll be doing the Zumba class at the Total Women's Fitness Center at Cherry and Linder @ 6:30 pm.  Come dance your buns off with us!  Hope to see you there :)

See a sample YouTube video below of a Zumba class... no, it's not me in the video.  Some random lady.  But it still shows you what Zumba's all about!!! SO FUN!

Friendship-ology Biggest Loser Rules

Here are the official rules:

1. Contest will run from August 1st until November 1st.
2. Weigh ins will occur every Tuesday during the contest, with the final weigh in occurring on Tuesday, November 1st.
3. Participants will email me their initial weight to register ( then each Tuesday, email me # of pounds lost (new weight) and I'll add it to the spreadsheet that calculates % of weight lost.  We'll all be on the honor system on this... so integrity is a must!
4. No diet pills allowed. (Vitamin supplements okay.)
5. Gym memberships, training programs, and personal trainers are allowed. We're mostly interested in helping ourselves get healthy, and any legitimate help is okay by me.
6. Competition is open to all ladies, paying or not, but only those paying into the pot will be eligible for cash prizes.
7. If a nonpaying lady wins a monthly competition or the overall competition, she will be crowned the Biggest Loser. The cash prize will go to the paying participant who is next in line.
8. Optional entrance fee is $25. Of that $25, $10 will go into the pot for the end of the whole competition, and $15 will go towards 3 monthly prizes. Payment should be sent/given to me by August 1st. (If someone needs a bit more time, that's probably fine, but we'd need payment by August 20th at the latest to ensure the money is there for our first monthly winner.)
9. Weigh in results and other Biggest Loser business will be tracked and posted on the Friendship-ology blog.  We can also have a weekly post for advice, support, and encouragement for each other.
10. Monthly winners will be announced by the 1st of the next month... and the big winner will be announced on November 1st!

A few other things of note: I've done this before, and I was a non paying participant both times.  I fell off the wagon really quickly into the competition.... there wasn't that carrot dangling in front of me when I didn't invest a little cash.  Winning the money may help with motivation a little, but I think spending the money on the competition is the bigger motivator.  Whenever you spend money on something, you work harder for it, right?!

Also, if you've been dreading this process of getting fit for awhile... and are on the edge, please do this, paying or not.  You will feel better and look better by the end if you make a commitment.  

Registration ends July 31st (to "register" just email me your starting weight and an approximate date you will be able to have your fees to me if playing For Fortune.)

Entrance fees are payable to Ja'Nette Spencer by cash or check.  

2537 W. Snyder St. 
Meridian, ID 83642

Remember... this is friendly Friendship-ology competition... the goal is to be healthier, work out together, and in the end, grow greater friendships while taking on this fun challenge!!


Got a few pounds to shed, some body fat to burn, a personal fitness goal to meet?  Well, how about throwing a little friendly competition into the mix to get you going once and for all!?

How does a Friendship-ology Biggest Loser contest sound?

Tentatively, the contest would rum for the months of August, Sept, and October... just in time for those tasty and tempting months of November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas)!  Whittle away your middle before the holidays hit!

There will be two options for the competition:  For Fortune and For Fun.  The For Fortune option will require a $25 donation into the Prize Fund for each player.  From that donation, $10 goes to the final prize, and $15 goes to three monthly prizes... so there's a winner for each month... and a winner at the end!

At the end of the 3-month contest, the person who lost the most will win the final fortune!  If a non-paying member wins, then the money will go to the next paid member who shed the most!

The For Fun option is just that... for fun!

Think of all the fun ways to spend your 'fitness fortune'.... a new outfit for that new, healthy bod?  A mani-pedi?  A fun little get-away with your honey?  That's the best part about investing in this competition.. you can let your friends motivate you to reach that goal you've been setting your sights on, and treat yourself at the end too!

PLEASE feel free to tell others, invite friends, family, etc.  It does not matter if they live around here or not, as long as they can compete with honesty and integrity, they are welcome!

Lori Roberts, Sarah Jensen and I all are planning work outs (and Zumba!) at various Idaho Athletic facilities.  Join us!  Find a walking partner!  Do something to keep yourself motivated and movin'!  Let the games begin!

El Tenampa GNO

We had so much fun visiting at Yo-Yo's for the Fro-Yo and Yak GNO!  Our next Girls Night Out is scheduled for Tuesday, August 2nd, at El Tenampa's Mexican restaurant!

For those who would like to join us for dinner, we will be meeting at 6 pm.  For those who would just like chips and salsa and a soda - we'll see you anytime after that (7 pm?).  Lori Roberts tells me the food is very reasonably priced and delicious to boot!

El Tenampa is located at 906 N. Main Street in Meridian.  Click HERE for the menu and main page.

Bring an appetite, a friend, or both!  We look forward to seeing you all there!

Side note:  We hope to schedule all GNO's on the first Tuesday of each month.  Tentatively, Ladies Game Night at Sarah Jensen's the first Tuesday of September for our next GNO!

Next Play Date - Zoo Day in Boise

Zoo Play-date this Thursday, July 28th, for the kids!  For those who have family passes, this will be a very inexpensive trip!  For those who want info on daily admission, click here:  Zoo Admission.  Thursdays are discount admission days - so be sure to check out the price difference!

We would like to go from 10 am to 11:30 am (it's not that big of a zoo, let's face it) and follow up by a lunch in the park outside the gates after.  Bring a picnic in a cooler so we can munch and mingle!

I know my little animals will be excited to go!  What about yours?

Upcoming Play Date - IvyWild Pool

Playgroup, unfortunately, fell by the wayside when my step-daughters came into town to visit and my husband left town for work.  Oi... it was hard to have four little girls in my house all alone.

But now, I am back to organizing some fun stuff for us to do with the kiddos... so get your pencils and calendars ready!

IvyWild Pool in Boise, is a fun and interactive place for kids to splash around and have fun in the sun.  Jen Alvey, Lisa Peterson, Megan Ward and I all went a few weeks ago and had a blast!

Our next Play Date is scheduled for next Wednesday, July 20th, from 2:00 to 4:00 (or whenever you can come, and whenever you'd like to go).  IvyWild is located at 2250 Leadville Avenue, Boise.  Click on the link (IvyWild) above to find more information from their webpage.

Admission Rates
 11years old and under $2.25
 12 - 18 years $2.75
 Adults $3.75
 Age 65 and over Free
 One adult and 2 children $8.00

My kids had a blast last time we went, and there is a special area just for little tikes with small water slides and everything!  The more moms we have, the more eyes we can spread out over the kiddos and therefore, stress less about little ones playing in water.

The best part: you can bring a cooler of snacks and treats!  I plan to pack some drinks and snacks for my kiddos, a blanket, and spend the day catching some sun!  Hope to see you there!

The Secret Heart by Claire Helmers

I came across this poem three years ago when I was a new member of my old ward in Spokane.  It described so well how I felt inside at that time.  I often wonder if we take the time to realize what's truly in one another's minds and hearts.  This poem is partially responsible for the inspiration for the Friendship-ology blog.  As sisters, we have so much potential for uplifting one another if we only take the time to notice. :)


I wonder, sometimes, if you know how much I need your love.
How much I crave a compliment, how much I want a hug.
I wonder if you share my fear of always falling short
Of thinking I'm the only one with faults and sins and warts.

Do you like me, put on a face that says your life is swell,
But shake and tremble deep inside that fragile outer shell?
Please don't be fooled by my facade, I've worn it now for years
But often, just below my smile, my throat is full of tears.

Are you convinced that others here are worthier than you?
They know the gospel, pay their tithes, and shine in Sunday School
Their kids don't fight, their house is clean, they never raise their voice.
You'd gladly trade your life for theirs, if you just had a choice.

Well, please remember, sisters dear, that life's not all it seems.
The lives that other women live are only in your dreams
They worry, struggle, cry and pray, and never have enough
Of love from women like yourself, of gentle female stuff.

I need your love like you need mine;  I need forgiveness too
For falling short of my ideals, and wishing I was you
So if you like me, tell me so, just tell me to my face
I need to hear that , oh so much: I need your warm embrace.

Do you like my dress, my hair, my smile, the lesson I just gave?
Well, tell me every Sunday, please;  I'd love it if you rave.
You see, I'm not as smart or strong or good as you may think;
Life gets me down; you'd be surprised how low my moods can sink.

Well, who am I? I'm everyone--I'm every woman here
Who needs a friend, a confidante, a non-judgmental ear,
Who wants to feel important and to know somebody cares,
Who needs to feel she's up to all the burdens that she bears.

So please don't be afraid of me; draw near to me instead,
Pour out your heart and soul to me and get inside my head.
Let's be a whole fraternity of inter linking hearts.
That's how the Savior planned it,  if we each just do our part.

Welcome to Friendship-ology

Hi Peregrine Ladies (and friends),

Welcome to Friendship-ology, a simple little blog to keep us all connected.

When I first moved from Spokane, WA to Meridian, ID, I was heartbroken to be leaving so many of my dear, dear friends.  These friends got to know me over the years, as a person with flaws and all, and loved me anyway.  I discovered for myself the true meaning of friendship during this time, and gained a passion for breaking down barriers and bringing people together.

We are all made of the same stuff, regardless of how vastly different our life experiences may be.  Once we get "behind the scenes" of a person and learn of their true character...passion, dreams, the things that have shaped us, and what really makes each one of us 'tick'...a friendship can begin, and when nurtured, love always grows.

Let's face it .. life is challenging at times.  We need time-outs.  We need to have a person to call and chat about nothing with.  We need laughter.  We need acceptance.  We need each other.

And when life is grand, we need people to rejoice with!  We need people to count our blessings with.  And sometimes, we just need a good work out partner, inspiration for tonight's dinner or FHE... or perhaps, most fundamentally and more importantly... we truly need to know we are thought of.

I have already met many of you wonderful ladies during church, our playgroups or GNO's (Girls Night Out) and my heart has been filled with all the wonderful things that each of you bring to the table!  I look forward to the many special memories we can create together as we invest some of our time to the friendships we share.

It is my hope that this blog will be more efficient than emails for playgroup, playdates, GNO's, craft nights, game nights, inspirational thoughts and messages, and announcements.  I also hope that this group is not made to seem exclusive - we welcome all friends, all ages, from all areas.  Please, never feel like you can't invite a someone new to activities - the more, the merrier!

I will email the Friendship-ology link out as often as I update the blog so we all get reminders on a regular basis to drop by here and see what's happenin'!  (Without frequent reminders, I'd remember nothing.)

So, there you have it ~ a cool blog in place of all those pesky emails!  And lots of fun things ahead, so get your calendars ready, ladies!