Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Got a few pounds to shed, some body fat to burn, a personal fitness goal to meet?  Well, how about throwing a little friendly competition into the mix to get you going once and for all!?

How does a Friendship-ology Biggest Loser contest sound?

Tentatively, the contest would rum for the months of August, Sept, and October... just in time for those tasty and tempting months of November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas)!  Whittle away your middle before the holidays hit!

There will be two options for the competition:  For Fortune and For Fun.  The For Fortune option will require a $25 donation into the Prize Fund for each player.  From that donation, $10 goes to the final prize, and $15 goes to three monthly prizes... so there's a winner for each month... and a winner at the end!

At the end of the 3-month contest, the person who lost the most will win the final fortune!  If a non-paying member wins, then the money will go to the next paid member who shed the most!

The For Fun option is just that... for fun!

Think of all the fun ways to spend your 'fitness fortune'.... a new outfit for that new, healthy bod?  A mani-pedi?  A fun little get-away with your honey?  That's the best part about investing in this competition.. you can let your friends motivate you to reach that goal you've been setting your sights on, and treat yourself at the end too!

PLEASE feel free to tell others, invite friends, family, etc.  It does not matter if they live around here or not, as long as they can compete with honesty and integrity, they are welcome!

Lori Roberts, Sarah Jensen and I all are planning work outs (and Zumba!) at various Idaho Athletic facilities.  Join us!  Find a walking partner!  Do something to keep yourself motivated and movin'!  Let the games begin!

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