Thursday, July 14, 2011

Christy Davis Photography - Talent at it's BEST

Hello ladies - I'd like to introduce my friend, Christy, from Meridian ~ some of you may very well know her, some of you may not.  And if you don't, well, quite frankly, you should.

Christy is an amazing photographer... just look at some of her pictures!

Here's the low-down on how to get connected with Christy and snap some amazing photos and capture precious moments before time takes them away!

Photography sessions are $100. You get 20 edited photos, with three variations. You get color, black & white and sepia tone, so 20 photos turn into 60

The best part is: all photos are put on a CD and you're given a print release which gives you freedom to do anything you want! If you decide you want to take home all the unedited photos, it's simply an extra $25.

This includes baby photos, family photos, senior photos, anything you want with the exception of weddings.

Christy willing to offer $50 Mini-sessions which include 10 edited photos if she gets 5 or more people are interested in booking out one of her Saturdays!!!!!  

I'd be willing to be first on the list... so one down, four more to go!  Email me ( and let's get a group together, ladies!

To see more of Christy's work or to get in touch with her to book a session - visit or you can email her at  And then, there's the good old fashioned phone call - Christy 208-922-8070.  

Don't procrastinate (Procrastination is my middle name) because Christy is expecting her first baby this winter and will be snuggling her little sweetie instead of a camera faster than you can say "cheeeeese!"    

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