Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friendship-ology Biggest Loser Rules

Here are the official rules:

1. Contest will run from August 1st until November 1st.
2. Weigh ins will occur every Tuesday during the contest, with the final weigh in occurring on Tuesday, November 1st.
3. Participants will email me their initial weight to register (rjmspencer@ymail.com) then each Tuesday, email me # of pounds lost (new weight) and I'll add it to the spreadsheet that calculates % of weight lost.  We'll all be on the honor system on this... so integrity is a must!
4. No diet pills allowed. (Vitamin supplements okay.)
5. Gym memberships, training programs, and personal trainers are allowed. We're mostly interested in helping ourselves get healthy, and any legitimate help is okay by me.
6. Competition is open to all ladies, paying or not, but only those paying into the pot will be eligible for cash prizes.
7. If a nonpaying lady wins a monthly competition or the overall competition, she will be crowned the Biggest Loser. The cash prize will go to the paying participant who is next in line.
8. Optional entrance fee is $25. Of that $25, $10 will go into the pot for the end of the whole competition, and $15 will go towards 3 monthly prizes. Payment should be sent/given to me by August 1st. (If someone needs a bit more time, that's probably fine, but we'd need payment by August 20th at the latest to ensure the money is there for our first monthly winner.)
9. Weigh in results and other Biggest Loser business will be tracked and posted on the Friendship-ology blog.  We can also have a weekly post for advice, support, and encouragement for each other.
10. Monthly winners will be announced by the 1st of the next month... and the big winner will be announced on November 1st!

A few other things of note: I've done this before, and I was a non paying participant both times.  I fell off the wagon really quickly into the competition.... there wasn't that carrot dangling in front of me when I didn't invest a little cash.  Winning the money may help with motivation a little, but I think spending the money on the competition is the bigger motivator.  Whenever you spend money on something, you work harder for it, right?!

Also, if you've been dreading this process of getting fit for awhile... and are on the edge, please do this, paying or not.  You will feel better and look better by the end if you make a commitment.  

Registration ends July 31st (to "register" just email me your starting weight and an approximate date you will be able to have your fees to me if playing For Fortune.)

Entrance fees are payable to Ja'Nette Spencer by cash or check.  

2537 W. Snyder St. 
Meridian, ID 83642

Remember... this is friendly Friendship-ology competition... the goal is to be healthier, work out together, and in the end, grow greater friendships while taking on this fun challenge!!

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  1. Big thanks to Sarah (VeggieSarian) for the verbiage!