Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Upcoming Play Date - IvyWild Pool

Playgroup, unfortunately, fell by the wayside when my step-daughters came into town to visit and my husband left town for work.  Oi... it was hard to have four little girls in my house all alone.

But now, I am back to organizing some fun stuff for us to do with the kiddos... so get your pencils and calendars ready!

IvyWild Pool in Boise, is a fun and interactive place for kids to splash around and have fun in the sun.  Jen Alvey, Lisa Peterson, Megan Ward and I all went a few weeks ago and had a blast!

Our next Play Date is scheduled for next Wednesday, July 20th, from 2:00 to 4:00 (or whenever you can come, and whenever you'd like to go).  IvyWild is located at 2250 Leadville Avenue, Boise.  Click on the link (IvyWild) above to find more information from their webpage.

Admission Rates
 11years old and under $2.25
 12 - 18 years $2.75
 Adults $3.75
 Age 65 and over Free
 One adult and 2 children $8.00

My kids had a blast last time we went, and there is a special area just for little tikes with small water slides and everything!  The more moms we have, the more eyes we can spread out over the kiddos and therefore, stress less about little ones playing in water.

The best part: you can bring a cooler of snacks and treats!  I plan to pack some drinks and snacks for my kiddos, a blanket, and spend the day catching some sun!  Hope to see you there!

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