Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Welcome to Friendship-ology

Hi Peregrine Ladies (and friends),

Welcome to Friendship-ology, a simple little blog to keep us all connected.

When I first moved from Spokane, WA to Meridian, ID, I was heartbroken to be leaving so many of my dear, dear friends.  These friends got to know me over the years, as a person with flaws and all, and loved me anyway.  I discovered for myself the true meaning of friendship during this time, and gained a passion for breaking down barriers and bringing people together.

We are all made of the same stuff, regardless of how vastly different our life experiences may be.  Once we get "behind the scenes" of a person and learn of their true character...passion, dreams, the things that have shaped us, and what really makes each one of us 'tick'...a friendship can begin, and when nurtured, love always grows.

Let's face it .. life is challenging at times.  We need time-outs.  We need to have a person to call and chat about nothing with.  We need laughter.  We need acceptance.  We need each other.

And when life is grand, we need people to rejoice with!  We need people to count our blessings with.  And sometimes, we just need a good work out partner, inspiration for tonight's dinner or FHE... or perhaps, most fundamentally and more importantly... we truly need to know we are thought of.

I have already met many of you wonderful ladies during church, our playgroups or GNO's (Girls Night Out) and my heart has been filled with all the wonderful things that each of you bring to the table!  I look forward to the many special memories we can create together as we invest some of our time to the friendships we share.

It is my hope that this blog will be more efficient than emails for playgroup, playdates, GNO's, craft nights, game nights, inspirational thoughts and messages, and announcements.  I also hope that this group is not made to seem exclusive - we welcome all friends, all ages, from all areas.  Please, never feel like you can't invite a someone new to activities - the more, the merrier!

I will email the Friendship-ology link out as often as I update the blog so we all get reminders on a regular basis to drop by here and see what's happenin'!  (Without frequent reminders, I'd remember nothing.)

So, there you have it ~ a cool blog in place of all those pesky emails!  And lots of fun things ahead, so get your calendars ready, ladies!

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