Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just a thought....

This could be a quote that defines much of how I viewed myself in the past, and therefore, directed (or misdirected) my interactions with others.

How many moments did I miss because of it?  

How many new friends did I not find when thinking it?
How much time wasted believing it?

I hope that each of us gets to know one another through the interactions posted on this blog and other activities as well.  Our El Tenampa GNO was awesome - we ate, we talked, we cried a little, we shared stories & testimony, we laughed.  I could not think of a better way to spend that night than surrounded by the beautiful, spiritual, engaging ladies I had a chance to visit with that Tuesday evening.

When I moved to this area, I was nervous about making friends. There was always this little "voice" that said I didn't have anything to give - nothing worth saying (although I usually say it anyway ;) - and that I should just sit back and wait for the "right time" to put myself out there.  

In the end, it felt lonely.  I figured - what exactly is stopping me from reaching out, saying hello, making a few new friends? I found my answer to that inner question ran along these lines: sometimes we forget that we could be a great blessing in someone else's life and never even know it.  If we don't put ourselves in a position to let others in, then we may always leave ourselves in a position to feel alone and misunderstood.  We may leave others feeling the same way, too.

I am a better daughter of God, wife, mother, friend, Latter-Day Saint, and person in general when I find the time to enjoy the sisterhood in my ward.  When I stop thinking, "They won't want me to come," and say, "I can't wait to laugh and smile and be uplifted by joining them!"  Whether you are in need of friendship (because who isn't, right?!) or you have so much wonderful friendship to give - you are welcome at every activity we post.  

Please come.  We want to see your pretty faces and to know that you are loved ~ and the love you have to give is ready to be received by others, whether they know they need it yet or not.

I know our lives are busy and demanding.  Our schedules are hectic, our families need us.  But when you feel that one spot open up in your calendar, and you ask yourself, "Should I go?"  Let the answer be "Yes!"  You will not regret it.  You have so much to add to the group!  Never forget it.

Girl's Night Out for September!

Ok, girls - this is what you've been waiting all month for since our August GNO at El Tenampa!!!!!

We've been following this pattern that every  first Tuesday of each month is our GNO date!  We may shift the day here and there, but for now, mark your calendars tentatively throughout the rest of the year, please.  We have some great stuff planned as the holidays approach to help you with your Christmas lists too!

On Tuesday, September 6th, our wonderful friend, Sarah Jensen, will be hosting our first GNO Ladie's Game Night!  Arrive at Sarah's around 7 pm or as soon as you can make it!  Game night will last until we tire of talking (yeah, that won't happen soon for me!) or our husband's text us that the kids have tied them up in the basement and are wreaking havoc on our once-clean houses!  Or, Sarah wants to go to bed :)

Don't forget to bring a snack to share - nothing to stress over, a bag of Oreo's is fine, some leftovers, a bag of popcorn, trail mix, carrot sticks, whatever you've got!  No biggie!  But don't let a snack stop you from coming!  We want to see your pretty faces no matter when you can show up!

Please bring any awesome games you have and would like to play :)  Warning:  Games usually go by the wayside, in my experience, rather quickly.  Sometimes visiting with our friends is too much fun!

Sarah's address is:  4386 W. Newland St.  

Can't wait to see you all there!!!

End of Summer Play Date - CHANGED

IVYWILD Pool Playdate has been changed to Meridian Pool Playdate - TODAY! :)

Oh, the days of summer are coming to an end.  School is beginning... bittersweet as it is, we must embrace one last hoo-rah! and take the "Littles" (as Jen Alvey calls them) :) to the pool before the school bells start to ring.

City of Meridian Pool, is a fun and interactive place for kids to splash around and have fun in the sun.

We are meeting at the Meridian pool (today) Friday, August 26th, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. 

The pool is located next to Storey Park - 213 E. Franklin Road.

The prices are as follows:

3 and under $1
Over 17 - $2

Hope to see you there! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Play Date - Nature Walk!

Ok, ladies.. it's Play Date time!!  Thanks to a tip from Jen Alvey, we are planning a Nature Walk on Wednesday, August 17th at 10:30 am.  Picnic lunch in the park to follow, so pack those sacks and coolers and come join us with the kiddies!

The Morrison Knudsen Nature Center offers a unique wildlife experience on a 4.6-acre site along the Boise River Greenbelt. The StreamWalk and Visitor Center provide a glimpse of Idaho's many landscapes and abundant wildlife. Underwater viewing windows along the stream walk give visitors a fish-eye view of the world.

The best part - it's all FREEEEEE!  If you can join us around 11:45 or noon for lunch, then please do!  Bring your cooler, chairs, a blanket and don't forget the sunscreen!  This will be an indoor/outdoor awesome nature adventure!

600 South Walnut, Boise, Idaho 83712

  1. Take the US-20/US-26 - Broadway Avenue exit, exit number 54.
  2. Turn NORTH onto US-20 WEST/US-26 WEST - Broadway Avenue
  3. Turn EAST (right) onto Park Boulevard and navigate to the second lane from the left.
  4. At the light, cross the 4-way intersection to Walnut Street.
  5. Turn SOUTH (right) on Walnut Street and look for MK Nature Center signs, park in the lot on your left. The Nature Center is EAST, across the parking lot.
  6. Still confused? Try GoogleMap directions

Biggest Loser Update

You all have until the end of today to let me know if you'd like to join (5) ladies so far that are participating in the Friendshipology Blog's Biggest Loser Contest.

To join, call or email me and let me know your starting weight - don't forget, this is on the Honor System, ladies :) Then, try to get me your $25 registration fee in as soon as possible.  I will be out of town from Thursday on, but you can always get it to my hubby, Ryan, as well.

Here's the link to the original rules:


Don't forget to eat small, healthy meals throughout the day - don't skip meals or starve yourself - that will be counter-productive as your body will retain more fat in starvation mode.  Drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water - I set my goal to 5 large plastic cups of water a day, adding 3 cups for every 1 hour of exercise I do.  I shoot for 5 days of exercise a day... at least 3 days of vigorous exercise.  The benefits of walking for 30 min. a day are tremendous, so if you don't like high-impact stuff, get together with another lady and walk, walk, walk!  (It always helps to have a partner).

The idea is for us to get healthy, not just lose weight... weight is calculated for % of total body weight lost.. not by pounds lost alone. :)

Lots of  luck and love!