Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Girl's Night Out for September!

Ok, girls - this is what you've been waiting all month for since our August GNO at El Tenampa!!!!!

We've been following this pattern that every  first Tuesday of each month is our GNO date!  We may shift the day here and there, but for now, mark your calendars tentatively throughout the rest of the year, please.  We have some great stuff planned as the holidays approach to help you with your Christmas lists too!

On Tuesday, September 6th, our wonderful friend, Sarah Jensen, will be hosting our first GNO Ladie's Game Night!  Arrive at Sarah's around 7 pm or as soon as you can make it!  Game night will last until we tire of talking (yeah, that won't happen soon for me!) or our husband's text us that the kids have tied them up in the basement and are wreaking havoc on our once-clean houses!  Or, Sarah wants to go to bed :)

Don't forget to bring a snack to share - nothing to stress over, a bag of Oreo's is fine, some leftovers, a bag of popcorn, trail mix, carrot sticks, whatever you've got!  No biggie!  But don't let a snack stop you from coming!  We want to see your pretty faces no matter when you can show up!

Please bring any awesome games you have and would like to play :)  Warning:  Games usually go by the wayside, in my experience, rather quickly.  Sometimes visiting with our friends is too much fun!

Sarah's address is:  4386 W. Newland St.  

Can't wait to see you all there!!!

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